Specialists in property repair and maintenance.


This is a list of projects undertaken for various customers in our client base

This project involved removing the fitted furniture to all bedrooms and assembling and fitting new furniture and services, whilst the hotel continued to run normally.

This is a tongue and groove water resistant chipboard floor. This was tiled with 300mm square tiles with 30mm square pattern infill's.

This is a Thorplands 77th Northampton Guides Radio Group with Sue Hall, M5AFY, at a Special Event Amateur Radio Station for Northamptonshire Girlguides, where over 100 contacts were made with other ‘hams’ around the world. The girls with badges are not qualified yet, but each badge denotes a country they have spoken to under our supervision. The record is 18 countries for a Guide in a day! Over 1000 Guides and Scouts have been on one of our educational programs!


This is the charity that we support with fund raising, volunteer work and Amateur Radio Instruction. Any donations please make cheques payable to 77th Northampton Guides.

This is a Magnet kitchen under construction, yet to have cornices and light pelmets fitted.

This ceiling had over 16 square feet of hand made panels made and fitted by Chisholms following a severe water leak.

Refurbishment of 26 Bedrooms

in the Langham Hotel.


Northamptonshire Girlguides

Tiling floors and walls

Ceiling Repair

Project List